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Weingut Petri
Weinstraße 43
67273 Herxheim am Berg

Phone : (0049) 6353 2345
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Quality is the result of respect for man and nature! - In harmony with nature and in harmony with each other, we create wine with passion.

Peace, harmony, openness.

These three attributes describe us quite well. Character traits without which our family would hardly have remained anchored in Herxheim for 14 generations by now. Today, our winery is a modern family business. Several generations work together harmoniously to produce wines that meet our standards. And this includes that nothing is artificially accelerated. We take our time - for our wine and for our customers.

Mild climate, lots of sun. Calcareous and mineral-rich soils. In addition, gentle cultivation methods and a lot of respect for nature. This terroir determines the character of our wine.

Our vines stand at 130 to 250 metres above sea level on 21 hectares around Herxheim am Berg in the highest locations on the German Wine Route. In the lee of the Haardt Mountains, they produce excellent wine on our south-facing slopes.

We do not use weed killers, insecticides or yield-increasing fertilisers in the care of our vines in favour of natural, full-bodied grapes. By predominantly hand-picking the grapes, we guarantee that only healthy grapes are brought into our cellars, which we then carefully press.

We only intervene in the vinification process when it is necessary. This allows our wine to develop its character in an unadulterated way. We give it the necessary time: we ferment the must slowly at controlled temperatures and thus preserve its precious aromas. The long ageing - preferably in wooden barrels - enriches it with the finest nuances of taste and refined facets that give it an unmistakable personality.

Every spring, we set out anew in search of the right balance between a wine cultivation and vinification that is restrained by our high quality standards and influenced by new knowledge. This is our passion. We are happy when the grapes we cultivate produce wine with a complex yet harmonious character.

The recognition we receive from renowned wine guides and experienced sommeliers shows that we are on the right track with this claim. But it is even more important to us that we can convince you. That is why you should try our red and white wines.

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