Peterspark Grünstadt



67269 Grünstadt


It is described in detail in the Weißenburg document from the year 900. The Peterskirche and the associated cemetery remained the religious center of Grünstadt until the 19th century. In 1819 the 1000 year old church was demolished. Your bell could be saved and still rings every quarter of an hour from the roof of the old town hall in the pedestrian zone. In 1874 the cemetery was closed and the Peterspark was created in its place. Some very beautiful gravestones from the 18th century have been preserved to this day, some even with the guild signs to which the dead belonged. There is also a war memorial for the fallen soldiers of the former Imperial French Army from 1852 in the park. As well as another war memorial with the Bavarian lion for the fallen from 1870/71. Peterspark was redesigned in 1949 according to plans by the garden architect Michael Mappes from Grünstadt. In addition to the Roman coffin from the “Röthe” district of Grünstadt, there is another stone coffin from the Asselheim district in the area. This location is part of an audiovisual route and offers the possibility of viewing / listening to additional content on YouTube

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