The museum is supported by the non-profit Fundation “ Manfred Vetter-Stiftung für Kunst und Kultur ”, which the Neustadt-born entrepreneur Manfred Vetter founded in the spring 2001 and to whom he dedicated his collection of 150 oil paintings, 125 drawings, watercolours and archival material with several hundred items. Manfred Vetter, who as a young man with his collection of Dill paintings (as a part of his paternal inheritance), moved from the Palatinate to the Rhineland, decided to take on a strong private commitment in order to be able to realise his favourite project in a largely independent without the support of the public sector. So did the museum rooms in Otto Dill’s birthplace (an area of 310 square meters) take form under supervision from Manfred Vetter and he made his collection available to the museum. The Otto Dill Museum is supervised by idealistic volunteers. An extensive art collection of the Palatinate painter of the Munich School, Otto Dill (1884 - 1957), was added to the collection that currently consist of 170 oil paintings, 150 drawings, watercolours and archive material with several hundred items. The museum has the largest Otto Dill collection and covers the entire spectrum of the painter's work.

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