Orthopädie-Schuhtechnik Krauß

Bad Dürkheim

Orthopädie-Schuhtechnik Krauß

Orthopädie-Schuhtechnik Krauß
Leininger Straße 13
67098 Bad Dürkheim

Phone : (0049) 6322 66610


In 1986, Orthopädie-Schuhtechnick Krauß was founded by Roland Krauß at Schlossplatz. In 1994, the company moved to its current premises in Leiningerstraße, which gave it the opportunity to expand its range of products and to have the workshop in the immediate vicinity. In 2001, Thomas Krauß took over the business from his father. We attach great importance to professional advice from our trained staff and would like to distance ourselves from the competition of cheap suppliers. The customer can be sure to be in good hands and gets everything from one source! The right shoes and the right insoles. As a customer, you will not hear sayings such as: "They'll break in". On the contrary, we offer the possibility of solving minor problems directly in our orthopaedic workshop.

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