Neding- Gipfel



The Neding is located in the Palatinate Forest Nature Park in the northern part of the Dahner Felsenland and Wasgauer Felsenland. A part of the district boundary of the municipalities of Hauenstein, which lies directly south of the mountain, and Wilgartswiesen, which is around 1.5 km (as the crow flies) northeast of its summit, runs over the mountain and its summit. The Neding runs for about 1250 m from the eastern Queichtal to the mountain saddle to the western Mischberg (324 m).

In the summit region of the Neding there is a band of rocks with distinct individual formations. The so-called rock gate is particularly well-known. On the west side is the free-standing Nedingfelsen, designated as a natural monument and a maximum of 12 m high. There is a summit cross on it. From the rock plateau you have an excellent view to the south of Hauenstein and the southern Wasgau, in particular to the nearby mountains Weimersberg (376.1 m), Hoher Kopf (442.6 m), Benz (369.9 m) and Winterberg (460 , 8 m) with the imposing rock formations such as the Burgenhalderfelsen and Kreuzelfelsen, as well as to the source valley of the Queich and the Gillenbachtal. In the north you can see the Schloßberg (336.9 m) with the Falkenburg ruins and mountains of the Middle Palatinate Forest and the Frankenweide - such as the Great and Small Breitenberg (455.6 and 457 m). To the west you can see the area of ​​the south-western Palatinate Forest. A view to the east is not possible because of the Neding forest.

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