Naturkostladen/Biothek Schrotmühle


Naturkostladen/Biothek Schrotmühle

Naturkostladen/Biothek Schrotmühle
Marktstraße 8
66994 Dahn

Phone : (0049) 6391 877


The organic shop "Schrotmühle" has been part of the cityscape in Dahn for 27 years.

 A lovingly furnished and equipped shop, which always breaks new ground with the owner, who always works up to date, and always redesigns the assortment.
An extensive cheese and antipasti counter, fresh baked goods, fruit and vegetables, a wide range of cosmetics, drinks, homewares, sweets, local products. Here you will find everything you need for the (daily) needs, of course in the best organic quality.
If you want, you can also have cheese or antipasti plates prepared for festivities or special occasions, not only palate but also eye feast.
Due to good contacts with local producers, orders of special requests are no problem.
A wonderful shop in the middle of Dahn, whose pure existence in such a small town delights me again and again.

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