Herxheim Museum

Herxheim bei Landau

Travel for All- Accessibility certified partially accessible for people with walking disabilities

Museum Herxheim

Museum Herxheim
Untere Hauptstraße 153
76863 Herxheim (bei Landau)

Phone : (0049) 7276 502477


Herxi is a Stone Age skeleton that was excavated in Herxheim in the Linear Pottery settlement and is exhibited in the museum

"The obvious is the enemy of the original"

The Herxheim Museum may have an obvious name, but it is certainly original: An 18th century tobacco farm, with human skulls and beggar drawers inside.

In the cultural history department, you will find model cigars and a wedding dress made of parachute silk. Immerse yourself in the history of tobacco in Herxheim. You will then gradually descend into the Stone Age and experience how Europe's first farmers lived and worked, as well as be drawn in by the unique finds of Herxheim, which was a place of worship. What you will encounter there is breathtaking: Human bones with traces of cuts, skullcaps cut off, arms severed. Perhaps the traces of a violent ritual performed in Herxheim some 7,000 years ago?

Our special exhibitions take you back to the old times and illustrate cultural and historical themes. And if you come outside opening hours, you can visit the museum garden and our history section: fifteen solid oak steles with glass display cases showing snapshots of Herxheim's history. Interested? For more information, please visit the museum's website

Information on accessibility:
Following the renovation, which was completed in 2016, all sections of the museum, including the permanent exhibitions on the Stone Age and cultural history, are accessible to wheelchair users. The buildings have elevators or lifting platforms. In the cultural history section, there is a media station with audio and video exhibits. The Herxheim Museum is currently being certified in accordance with Reisen für Alle.

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