Mountainbike Touren Pfälzerwald

Mountainbike Touren Pfälzerwald
Grünbergstraße 13
67471 Elmstein

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The Palatinate Forest is the largest contiguous forest area in Germany, designated as a biosphere reserve, a natural paradise with varied forest landscapes.
We are at home in this region and know every nook and cranny to put together a programme of the finest trails and single trails, flow trails and downhills. In order to master key sections of these trails stylishly and safely, you need a certain riding technique. You can learn and "experience" this in the various systematic riding technique seminars. In this way, you can save yourself a lot of time and some pain with little expenditure of time and money. Systematically practise improving your riding technique in our courses and you will be more relaxed and enjoyable on the road as a result of the safety you have acquired.


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