Möllberger Häuschen


Gemeinde Elmstein

Gemeinde Elmstein
Bahnhofstraße 14
67471 Elmstein

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"Möllberg Häuschen" (Little Möllberg House)

The Möllberger Häuschen, or Dr. Mann Pavilion, stands on a mighty "Rehfelsen" natural monument at the foot of the Möllberg. The pavilion was erected on the Rehfelsen in 1901 at the suggestion of Dr. Mann by the then Verschönerungsverein. From the field path you can cross a bridge - since 1930 a concrete bridge - on a serpentine path to a small house. Once there, you have a beautiful view of the village and the castle ruins. The municipality tries to prevent the pavilion from becoming overgrown by regularly cutting back the trees and bushes. Due to the weather, the wood of the pavilion has already had to be replaced several times.

Dr. Mann, who initiated the construction, was the first doctor to settle in Elmstein after Bismark's legislation. He was born in Grünstadt and came to Elmstein with his wife. His practice and flat were located in the property of Heinrich Landeck at Bahnhofstraße No. 11. Much was moved in Elmstein under his direction. During his time as mayor, from 1896 to 1907, for example, the water main in Elmstein was laid and the fountain near the old school was built, but in 1934 it had to make way for the war memorial. Many of the houses built around the turn of the century were also built on his initiative.

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