St. Martin's Church and Biblical Garden Billigheim


Martinskirche und Biblischer Garten Billigheim

Martinskirche und Biblischer Garten Billigheim
Marktstraße 31
76831 Billigheim-Ingenheim


The tower of St. Martin's Church is considered one of the landmarks of Billigheim. The substructure dates from the 11th century, only in the 16th century it was raised and later received the characteristic baroque dome with lantern.

Inside the church, the choir from the 14th century impresses, whose ribbed vaults are decorated with Gothic wall paintings from the 14th/15th century. The murals were only discovered in 1892 and supplemented in the following years. During later renovations, parts of this original painting were unfortunately further damaged. An expert examination showed that the base paintings are still in the original part, but the wall paintings probably date from the 19th century. St. Martin's Church is one of the cultural monuments of the village.

In the Biblical Garden around St. Martin's Church, trees, shrubs, herbs and cereals with a biblical reference were planted in 2005. In some cases, you can also find the corresponding quotes on information signs. The different types of plants ensure that it blooms from spring to autumn. In the churchyard there is also a war memorial in memory of the citizens of Billigheim who fell or went missing during the First and Second World Wars.

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