Bad Bergzabern

Marktkirche Bad Bergzabern

Marktkirche Bad Bergzabern
76887 Bad Bergzabern

Phone : (0049) 6343 7002150


The keystone shows a red lion in a golden field and blue inverted tournament cap. It was walled in the church above the north portal after the choir vault collapsed in 1896. In 1550 the church was reduced in size by demolishing the northern aisle. As a result, the marketplace expanded to its present size and the church was deprived of its axisymmetrical shape. It was not until the reconstruction of 1894 - 1897 that the market church got its present external appearance. At that time the complete northern wall of the nave became a neo-Gothic showcase façade and the roof received the eye-catching pewter ridge turret.The Market Church has housed Protestants since 1532. From 1686 - 1879, the Catholic parish also celebrated its services in the choir room, while the Protestants were assigned the nave.A historical treasure you can hear from our bell tower. There, besides the two bells consecrated in 1954, the most beautiful sounding medieval bell of the Palatinate, the precious Marienglocke (1432), strikes the hour. Of course, the bell tower also has its history. The individual construction periods can be seen on the outer wall. It evolved from a defense tower to a church tower. On top of that, it is protected by an onion with a convex lantern with a hood. You can visit the market church during Sunday services at 9:30 am or during the summer months from 3 - 5 pm.

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