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The history of the pilgrimage chapel goes back to the Middle Ages. In 1399 a small field chapel was consecrated on this site. According to old documents, the picture of Our Lady of the Vespers, which is kept here, was highly venerated by the "inhabitants of the village in the neighbourhood". The present chapel was consecrated on June 2, 1769, the plans for which go back to the episcopal architect Leonhard Stahl. At the beginning of the 19th century, Bishop Matthew von Chandelle limited the efforts of Dean Franz Stephan to expand the pilgrimage: in 1825 he decreed that a Silent Mass could only be celebrated in the chapel on the days of Our Lady as well as on Fridays and in the event of death. In 1964, the then parish priest Carl Theodor Schultz had the chapel completely renovated and painted in the rococo style by the painter Georg Gschwendtner (Bad Reichenhall).

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