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The Loblochstein - In memory of forest acquisitions

The history of the "Loblochstein" goes back to the formerly independent community of Lobloch. First documented in 1217, the parish was wedged between the neighbouring parishes of Gimmeldingen and Mußbach. Equipped only with a right to harvest loose wood in the forests of Gimmeldingen and Mußbach, the village had no access to its own forest, which was indispensable for the wine-growing community. This contributed to increasing impoverishment, so that by 1750 Lobloch had sunk to the poorest community in the Electoral Palatinate.

For this reason, the Elector decreed in 1750 that Lobloch should merge with the community of Gimmeldingen. Lobloch's hopes for improvement were dashed, however. Gimmeldingen continued to deny the Loblochers its forest with regard to standing timber, as well as the Loblochers being allowed to send their children to school in Gimmeldingen, nor to bury their dead there. Thus the Loblochers had to continue to go to Mußbach for school and burial. This meant that the Loblochers remained second-class citizens until the prospect of owning their own forest land ushered in their social advancement to bourgeois equality.

In 1840, in a combination of all their courage and thanks to generous donations, the Loblochers seized the opportunity and acquired a strip of state forest offered by King Ludwig I in "the highest grace and favour". It extended from its southern tip, roughly marked by the Loblochstein, to the Deidesheim border in the north, in the west first along the district of the former Grevenhausen (today Lambrecht) to the Loogfels "Nonnenbrunz" and then along the Deideseheim border moving northwards and with its eastern border the forest divisions "Dörrentaler Kopf", "Joppenholz" and "Hasengarten" to the east, this strip of state forest acquired by Lobloch corresponded exactly to a former possession of the Hirschhorn noble family, as part of their Speyer fiefdom on the former Lindenburg.

To commemorate this forest acquisition, the Loblochers had the Lobloch stone erected in 1841, which is well worth seeing and bears the inscription:

"To His Majesty / THE KING LUDWIG I. / VON BAIERN / Pfalzgraf bei Rhein / DEM / GERECHTEN / und / BEHARRLICHEN/ DIE / dankbare Gemeinde / LOBLOCH / MDCCCXLI".

His Majesty was one of the first to pay attention to the memorial stone when young people from Lobloch stopped him on the country road during a drive by in a six-in-hand carriage and asked for it most humbly and formally. To which His Serene Highness is said to have replied delightedly. "So you have set".

Originally, a "lion with a ball" was to crown the head of the Loblochstein, but this was rejected by the Bavarian government. So it was given a curved top on a 3.6 m high and 1 m wide stele, which makes it no less worth seeing as a historical gem in the forest.

Source: Lindenberg Pfalz - A Collection (1998), Publisher: Municipality of Lindenberg, Printed by: Edeldruck-Talpost, Lambrecht (Pfalz)

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