Landstuhler Bruch


From the Bismarck tower on the Kirchberg, there is an impressive panorama over Landstuhl, Burg Nanstein, the Landstuhler Bruch and the North Palatinate highlands. The Landstuhler break extends to 200 m above sea level as a sink of 30 km in length and a maximum of 7 km in width from Waldmohr in the southwest over Ramstein-Miesenbach and Landstuhl to Kaiserslautern in the northeast.


Around the year 1800, the area was an inaccessible moorland, drained by systematic drainage and scheduled peat extraction, and fed to agriculture and forestry. In addition to the Geisweiher, there are a number of other nature and landscape conservation areas in the Landstuhler Bruch, so that the reed beds, riparian forests, Seggenriede and other wetlands can be maintained and further developed. In addition, the Landstuhler Bruch is the habitat for various amphibians and birds, which depend on fluctuating water levels in the rhythm of the seasons.


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Landstuhler Bruch
Am Sandweiher
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