Ladestation für Elektroautos und -fahrräder - Nähe Rathaus

Bad Dürkheim

Nähe Rathaus

Nähe Rathaus
An den Bahngleisen
67098 Bad Dürkheim


f you want to charge your electric car or e-bike in Bad Dürkheim, you can do so here near the town hall (by the railway tracks), free of charge. However, you have to bring your own charging cable.

The station offers the possibility to charge four vehicles at the same time

- two of them with a charging capacity of 22 kW, duration of a full charge approx. two to four hours.

In addition, the station is equipped with two household sockets, charging with 3.7 kW (takes considerably longer), connection of e-bikes possible here.

One additional station each:

Wurstmarktplatz Car park of the district administration

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