Spa Gardens

Bad Dürkheim

Tourist Information

Tourist Information
Kurbrunnenstr. 21c
67098 Bad Dürkheim

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Spa Gardens

Would you like a coffee with that, in the middle of the greenery? Our caterers in the park are waiting for you. Play a round of mini-golf, or jump into the pools of the Salinarium or the thermal baths in the spa centre next door... our spa park offers something for every whim. And if you want to read a book in peace or have an undisturbed chat, you are sure to find a free bench in a nice corner.

Development of the spa gardens Today's Upper Spa Park, surrounded by the Kurhaus, Kurparkhotel, Ludwigskirche and Valentin Ostertag Fountain, was laid out on the site of the gardens of the former Leiningen Castle. Between 1739 and 1794, this garden had been steadily extended in front of the Leiningen Castle, which used to stand on the site of the aforementioned buildings.

The years of the French Revolution put an end to the rule of the Leiningen family and the castle garden.
The castle was burnt down, the garden was auctioned off and used for agriculture. When Dürkheim was designated a saline spa, the Upper Spa Park was created in 1847.
In 1909, the Valentin Ostertag Fountain was inaugurated and has adorned the Upper Spa Park opposite the Kurhaus ever since. The lower part of the spa gardens is an English-style park with a magnificent old tree population.

In the east, the spa gardens are framed by the graduation house, which has been officially reopened since 9 October 2010.

Open all year round.

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