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The "Kurfürstenstuhl" is also the Ritterstein 253. On the rock there is the inscription "Kurfürstenstuhl" and next to it a hollow which looks like a seat. A little in front of it is another boulder. On this one you can see a yellow crown with a yellow arrow 136m.

Rittersteine and their significance:

In 1908, the PWV (Palatinate Forest Association) began to erect waymarks and placemarks made of sandstone at notable locations in the Palatinate Forest under its founding chairman Karl Albrecht von Ritter (1836-1917), who was instrumental in promoting the project. In some cases, blocks of stone were erected for this purpose; in others, existing rocks or walls were used. In addition to the engraved text, the abbreviation PWV for Pfälzerwald-Verein (Palatinate Forest Association) can be found - with exceptions - on each Ritterstein.

In 1912, the general meeting of the PWV decided to name the stone markers Rittersteine after Karl Albrecht von Ritter.

Source: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liste_der_Rittersteine

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