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The historic Kuckucksbähnel museum railway from past to present

The history of today's museum railway is unspectacular and quickly told:
On 23 January 1909, the railway line Lambrecht (Pfalz) - Elmstein was opened in its full length (12.972 km). This marked the successful conclusion of decades of efforts to establish a railway connection for the Elmstein valley. The main task of the railway, apart from passenger transport to and from the factories in the Neustadt valley, was mainly the transport of timber.

Travel time on the line was initially between 45 and 51 minutes, but was reduced over the years to a maximum of 32 minutes. Scheduled steam passenger service ended in March 1954, and passenger service, which continued with rail buses, was discontinued in 1960. Freight traffic ended in 1977.

n the 1980s, renewed attempts were made to revive the museum railway project on the derelict line. However, it was not until 1984 that the first concrete steps were taken with the founding of the "Kuckucksbähnel-Bahnbetriebs-GmbH" and the "Förderverein Kuckucksbähnel". And on 2 June 1984, the time had finally come: the first museum train, made up of vehicles from the DGEG's Neustadt Railway Museum, officially set off again on its journey from Neustadt via Lambrecht to Elmstein!

Source: http://www.eisenbahnmuseum-neustadt.de/kuckuck.html

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