Bahnhofstraße 60
67471 Elmstein

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We follow the hiking markings with the Kuckucksbähnel (cuckoo train) on them. Start at the Kuckucksbahnhof (cuckoo train station) in Elmstein.

The trail first leads us along Bahnhofstraße, past the museum "alte Samenklenge, Haus der Forst- und Waldwirtschaft" up to the Elmstein castle ruins, above the village of Elmstein. The view to the opposite pavilion on the Rehfelsen and over Elmstein is impressive.

Continue on to the "Alte Schmelz" rest area and the "Trifterlebnis Legelbach" starting point. We keep to the left and cross the country road. Once on the other side of the road, we cross the small footbridge and keep left again (we pass information board 1 of the Trifterlebnispfad). We continue along the Speyerbach stream - after about 400m we turn right, where the path leads us over the Ehrenfelsen to another viewpoint. Here you can now see the ruins of Elmstein Castle from a distance. We continue to follow the KKB markings.

Now it's time to enjoy the atmosphere of the mixed forest and climb up the mountain, first moderately, then a little steeper. Once you reach the top, the mirabelle plum bench in an open forest meadow invites you to take a rest before the trail continues to the Stamminger fountain and Iggelbach. Once in Iggelbach, there are opportunities to stop for a bite to eat.

Before crossing the car park, you can take a short detour to the memorial.

After the car park, a path leads a little higher up to the Kurzeneckkopf with its phenomenal view of the Palatinate Forest and Iggelbach. The path meanders further along the Kurzeneckkopf and later along a path to the knight's stone "Treffnix". Here, too, hikers can take a rest. After the rest, the trail goes downhill again towards the starting point, but not without admiring and enjoying the "high beech" natural monument, a collection of stones and the Heinricht-Weintz lime tree in between.

If you want to take another break, you can do so shortly before the path rejoins the road from Elmstein, at the Kobel bench.

Back at the "Flößerei und Trift" (rafting and drifting) visitor information centre (railway station), the old steam horse may already be puffing and waiting for the journey home or the car parked in the immediate vicinity.

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Actual Informations

UFFBASSE! - Campaign for considerate coexistence in nature

  • Always act with foresight, kindness and consideration towards everyone you meet along the way.
  • Respect nature, do not destroy plants and always stay on the paths.
  • Try to avoid excessive noise and leave the forest before dusk.
  • Remember to bring a rubbish bag for the road and take rubbish home with you.
  • Please keep your dog on a lead at all times. Other visitors and animals will thank you.
  • For your own safety, observe all road closures.
  • Park only in designated parking areas.
  • Leave space for emergency vehicles and agricultural machinery.
  • Please give priority to agricultural and forestry traffic.