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Tourist Information
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The almost 2,000-year-old Kriemhildenstuhl is one of the best-preserved Roman quarries north of the Alps. It is located in the north of Bad Dürkheim. It can be reached on foot via the Kastaniendelle or via the Schaeferwarte.

The quarry has borne the name "Kriemhildenstuhl" since the Middle Ages, when the site was wrongly associated with the Nibelungen saga. Excavations took place in 1884, 1893/94, 1916/17, 1934/35 and 1937-39. They show a Roman quarry almost completely cleared of rubble, situated about 150 m above the town. On its rock faces, the Kriemhildenstuhl bears many inscriptions and petroglyphs from Roman legionaries and quarry workers.

The Kriemhildenstuhl is owned and maintained by the Drachenfels Club. A permanent wooden shelter has been erected on the platform. From here you have a beautiful view over the city and the surrounding area to the south and east. Directly behind the refuge begins the Celtic ring wall from the 5th century BC, which encircles the entire hilltop in a length of 2 km.

2,000-year-old inscriptions A special feature of the quarry are the 37 signs and 8 inscriptions carved into the rock, which were truly immortalised here by the Roman legionaries of the 22nd Legion.
The plaque on the Kriemhildenstuhl The plaque explains the history of the Kriemhildenstuhl, gives an insight into the life of Roman legionaries and craftsmen and describes the origin and meaning of the numerous inscriptions and petroglyphs.

Hikers who want to visit the Kriemhildenstuhl follow the signs of the Drachenfelsclub's Panorama Trail or the Palatinate Wine Trail (maps and directions available at the Tourist Information).

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