Hornbach abbey complex with Historama


Klosteranlage Hornbach mit Historama

Klosteranlage Hornbach mit Historama
Im Klosterbezirk
66500 Hornbach

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The heart of the town of Hornbach is Hornbach Abbey, which was founded in 742 by the missionary bishop Pirminius. It was the last abbey that he founded. Pirminius died in Hornbach in 753. The former Benedictine abbey was the most important spiritual and cultural centre between the Bishopric seats of Speyer, Metz, Strasbourg and Trier in the Middle Ages. Today, the Pirminius memorial in the abbey courtyard commemorates the founder of the abbey. Pirminius Chapel is open to visitors.

Places of interest on the city tour: Chapel of St. Fabian Monastery, Michaelis Chapel, Town Hall, city wall, church tower of St. John, archaeological window in the cloister, abbey chapel and the tomb of St. Pirminius.
Pirminius Chapel, with its bronze doors, was built in 1957 as a memorial above the tomb of St. Pirminius. The parish church of St. Pirmin, built in 1926–1930, houses a shrine with a relic of St. Pirminius.

The abbey complex is now home to an elaborately renovated hotel and a modern museum, the Historama, which outlines the history of St. Pirminius.

Guided tours can be booked over the phone.

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