Klettern an der Burg Spangenberg


Klettern Burg Spangenberg

Klettern Burg Spangenberg
67466 Erfenstein



Spangenberg Castle is located near the annexe Erfenstein on the right side of the Speyerbach in the romantic Elmsteiner Valley. This valley branches off at Frankeneck from the federal road 39 Neustadt an der Weinstraße -> Kaiserslautern in the direction of Johanniskreuz. The next village after Frankeneck is Erfenstein, known for its two castles, Erfenstein and Spangenberg, which are located opposite each other.

Besides the described car access via Frankeneck, there are two other main access routes to the Elmstein valley:
via Johanniskreuz (federal road 48) and Elmstein
from the Rhine plain via Maikammer (BAB 65 with the exits Neustadt-Süd or Edenkoben) via the so-called Totenkopfstraße (road to the death's head)

The village of Erfenstein can also be reached by public bus lines from Neustadt (terminal station). Information can be obtained under
Telephone: 01805 - 8764636
Internet: Rhine-Neckar public transportation system

On the B39 from "Neustadt an der Weinstraße" to Lambrecht. Behind Lambrecht follow the L499 via Frankeneck to Erfenstein. Park directly on the country road near Erfenstein in the large parking lot "Schloßschenke" on the right side.
Access time parking lot:
9 min
Access description parking lot:
Follow the signposted path to the castle. Behind the railroad crossing turn right and follow the "old castle path" up to the ruins.

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