Kleine Kalmit Landau-Arzheim

Landau in der Pfalz

Ortsvorsteherbüro Arzheim Landau-Arzheim

Ortsvorsteherbüro Arzheim Landau-Arzheim
Arzheimer Hauptstraße 42
76829 Landau-Arzheim

Phone : +49 6341131150


The 271-metre high "Kleine Kalmit" is worth a trip not only for the magnificent panoramic view. The Kalkberg is a nature reserve with rare flowers (pasque flower, cowslip, gentian, orchids and others). The Mater Dolorosa Chapel on the Kleine Kalmit is a precious gem and known far beyond the region as a sign of identification for our town village Arzheim.

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