Kirche St. Wendelinus und St. Hubertus


St. Wendelin u. St. Hubertus

St. Wendelin u. St. Hubertus
Johanniskreuzer Str. 1
67471 Elmstein OT Speyerbrunn

Phone : (0049)6325-8143


The Catholic church "St. Wendelinus and Hubertus" in Speyerbrunn was built in 1932. Its architect was Josef Kuld (*13 February 1870 in Jöhlingen; † 19 June 1938 in Mannheim. The church is now a cultural monument.




The names are intended to commemorate the special importance of the patron saints in the region. Hunting and agriculture were very important at that time. Wendelinus is considered the patron saint of farmers, shepherds, Hubertus protected hunters, marksmen and butchers, among others.

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