Kirche St. Wendelinus und St. Hubertus


St. Wendelin u. St. Hubertus

St. Wendelin u. St. Hubertus
Johanniskreuzer Str. 1
67471 Elmstein OT Speyerbrunn

Phone : (0049)6325-8143


The church of St. Wendelin and St. Hubert was consecrated by Bishop Dr. Sebastian on 27 November 1932 and has been a listed building since 1997. The sandstone church has a single nave with an octagonal chancel, and a 20 m high tower at the chancel. Its tower dome is designed in a "simple down-to-earth baroque". The church has 150 seats and 100 standing places and has been adapted several times to the taste of the times as far as the interior decoration is concerned. The last time this was done was in the 1970s. St. Wendelin is the patron saint of farmers, shepherds and shepherds, while St. Hubert protects hunters, marksmen, butchers and others. Both had a special significance for the villagers, as people in this region were particularly dependent on them. The total building costs amounted to 12,330.34 Reichsmark. At that time, a bricklayer earned 1.20 Reichsmark and a bag of cement cost 1.20 Reichsmark.

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