Katholische Kirche

Herxheim bei Landau

Pfarrkirche St. Maria Himmelfahrt

Pfarrkirche St. Maria Himmelfahrt
Untere Hauptstr. 150
76863 Herxheim

Phone : (0049) 7276 8538
Fax : (0049) 7276 96203


Parish church of St. Mary Assumption on top of Kirchberg

First mentioned was a church building in 1213, the late gothic choir from 1507 has been completely preserved in its masonry. The nave was enlarged to almost double its length in 1776/77. In 1585 the tower was given the octagonal belfry, which had to be raised by a few metres in 1833 to hear the bells in the ever growing village. With the steep tower helmet from 1967, the tower now reaches a height of 57 metres.

In the church, the winged altar from 1950, a late Gothic sacrament house almost 9 metres high and the imposing late rococo pulpit on the south side of the nave are special gems.

The church is located in the centre of Herxheim on the Kirchberg, where the war memorial chapel is also located.

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