Kath. Pfarrkirche St. Remigius


Kath. Pfarrkirche St. Remigius

Kath. Pfarrkirche St. Remigius
Remigiusstraße 10
67434 Neustadt-Diedesfeld



From Sternstraße to the Church, the tourists are attracted by the steep stairs with its beautiful wooden railings and roof. The current form got the tower when it was raised after the completion oft he new Gotic Church in 1511 and it also got the tower spire and cross after decades. The new construction of the present Church started in a simple style from 1752; it was already consacreted by the auxiliary bishop Johann Adam Buckel the 4th of July 1754. Today the visitors to religious services and the listeners can enjoy fantastic performances at the popular „Concerts in Diedesfled“. Since an extensive renovation in 1973 the baroque Church has been resplendent. Carpenters from the Palatinate created altars with build, figures and gold plated capitells; these works of art are as important as the elegant Rococo pulpit, which was modeled after the Jesuit Church in Mannheim in 1760. The colorful windows and the perspective of the three-part organ in the Empore fit perfectly into the overall picture. At great sacrifice, the congregation was able to establish the parish centre, which was built next to the Church and became the versatile centre for the abitants of Diedesfeld.

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