Kath. Pfarrkirche St. Alban


KathKatholische Kirche St . Simon und Judas

KathKatholische Kirche St . Simon und Judas
Hauptstraße 37
67483 Kleinfischlingen

Phone : +49 6321952781


The baroque church was built on the site of the former chapel of St. Albani, which can probably be traced back to 1275 (Heilsbrucker Kopialbuch, B, fol.197) and was incorporated into the Cistercian convent of Heilsbruck in Edenkoben in 1312. The Catholic parish church of St. Alban, a complex without a choir screen, was built in 1759 (dates above the portals) and extended in the west in 1938 (architect Albert Boßlet). It was renovated in 1980. Older enclosing walls and a Gothic sacristy door are integrated into the existing building.

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