Kath. Kirche "St. Maria Immaculata"


Kath Kirche "St. Maria Immaculata"

Kath Kirche "St. Maria Immaculata"
Hauptstr. 69
67473 Lindenberg Pfalz)

Phone : (+49) 6325 396


"St. Maria Immaculata" Catholic Church of Lindenberg (Pfalz)

Around 1890, the idea of building a small church in the valley was first mooted. This plan was rejected by the Speyer Episcopal Ordinariate. The same request had already been made in 1845, when the people of Lindenberg asked for a collection for the construction of a new pilgrimage church and branch church in the valley. It was estimated at 4698 guilders and 36 kreuzers. As no outside help could be expected, the Catholic Church Building Association was founded in Lindenberg in 1896, which still exists today (1952).

Twice the money was lost. In 1923 Lindenberg became a Filialsprengel of Lambrecht and was administered by an exposition. The first pastor of the village was Expositus Weiser. Initially, a barrack was erected as an emergency church on the "Herrenwiesen". In 1925, the rectory was built. The church was built in a joint effort by the whole village. The men broke the red sandstones in the quarry and the women carried them down into the valley on their heads.

The church was completed in 1929. A carved winged altar adorns the interior. In 1951, the church choir collected 22,000 DM to buy an organ. The people of Lindenberg spared no sacrifice in order to have their own church.

Source: Lindenberg Pfalz - A Collection - (1998), Publisher: Parish of Lindenberg, Printed by Edeldruck-Talpost, Lambrecht (Pfalz)

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