Kapelle St. Cyriakus Lindenberg


Gemeinde Lindenberg

Gemeinde Lindenberg
Hauptstraße 73
67473 Lindenberg



To the north-east of Lindenberg, the pilgrimage chapel of St. Cyriakus is located above the village on the lonely castle hill. It is built into the moat of the former Lindenburg. Its northern wall leans against a rock. The south and east sides are on the steep slopes against the sandstone quarry. Because of the danger to the listed chapel, further exploitation of the quarry was stopped. A strong railing has been installed on the endangered sides. There is nothing left of the castle and the castle chapel on the mountain. Neither a plan nor a description of the building gives us any knowledge of it. The pilgrimage chapel was built between 1550 and 1556. This date can be found on the northern reveal of the portal. Perhaps the older castle chapel was included in the construction. There are no longer any records of this. They seem to have been lost in the 30 Years War.

Info from: Lindenberg Pfalz, A Collection, Publisher: Municipality of Lindenberg (Pfalz) 1998, Printed by: Edeldruck Talpost - Lambrecht (Pfalz)

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