The Kalmithaus can be reached via the L 515, the exit of the village Maikammer-Alsterweiler, Kalmithöhenstraße, Kalmit parking lot.

After a short, somewhat more arduous or a longer, very comfortable walk you will be rewarded by a breathtaking view over the Upper Rhine Valley.

The Kalmithaus is situated on the premium hiking trail „Pfälzer Weinsteig“and is the highest hut in the Palatinate Forest at 673 m. It is the first and oldest hiking hut in the region. In 1908, the house was already inaugurated but has been changed again and again. Today the hut offers space for 180 people. The outdoor seating with panoramic view is large enough for 120 people. In addition to Palatinate dishes, the menu also offers varying dishes oft he day and game specialties.


Special tip: New Year's Eve at Kalmithaus (reserving in advance is recommended)

opening hours


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67487 Maikammer

Website: http://www.kalmithaus.de
E-Mail: info@kalmithaus.de
Phone: (0049) 6321 5424

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