KAFFEEfleck - Rösterei & mehr

Bad Bergzabern

KAFFEEfleck - Rösterei & mehr

KAFFEEfleck - Rösterei & mehr
Marktstraße 1
76887 Bad Bergzabern

Phone : +49 6343 92 54 290


A family business
Two generations of one family are represented in the KAFFEEfleck.
The boss Sabine Schmitt, her husband Bernhard and the two daughters Sophie and Sunny.
The KAFFEEfleck was conceived as a place for deceleration, communication and as a meeting place for all ages. We want to offer our customers a time of relaxation and enjoyment. Bring some time to enjoy.
All the food we offer is freshly prepared for you with great attention to detail.
In case of high demand it may take a little longer.
If you would like to have breakfast with us, please make an appointment.
We look forward to your visit
Sabine & Bernhard Schmitt

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