K.-H. Hildebrandt

Bad Dürkheim

Private Frauenarztpraxis

Private Frauenarztpraxis
Weinstrasse Nord 19a
67098 Bad Dürkheim

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Our field is gynaecology and obstetrics. Our aim is to make patients, the team and all visitors to the practice feel comfortable with us. This includes the principle of thorough diagnostics and holistic therapy. The focus is on the idea of combining high quality with a special atmosphere. Our focal points are: Modern preventive care, prevention, pregnancy care, help with the desire to have children, modern conception regulation, improvement of vitality ("well-being") and, of course, all acute and chronic gynaecological problems in the general consultation hours.

We attach great importance to strengthening your self-healing powers, especially with the help of "integrative medicine". By this we mean naturopathic procedures together with classical orthodox medicine.

What do we take care of in the general consultation hours?
-Your acute gynaecological problems.
-Modern contraceptive methods.
-Early detection and aftercare.
-About your chronic ailments.
-Sexual problems and sexually transmitted diseases.
-Psychosomatic problems

Modern prevention and pregnancy care
Well-being and more security ... This offer is aimed at patients who wish to receive private gynaecological and obstetric care as self-pay patients. You will receive services specially adapted to your personal needs. The hildegyn team guarantees that you will only receive medically appropriate, recommendable and modern services that are specifically and genuinely advised for you. We make a point of advising you appropriately about the extent of examinations. "What would I advise my wife or daughter to do?" is the question a good doctor asks.

Healthy into old age!

- Lifestyle and menopausal problems
- Bone health
- Hormone supplements, hormone cosmetics
- Consultation before aesthetic procedures (cosmetic surgery.)
- Natural medicine with phythoestrogens
- Nutritional counselling, weight management
- Orthomolecular medicine
- Metabolic tests

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