Jugendzeltplatz Hauenstein


Jugendzeltplatz Hauenstein

Jugendzeltplatz Hauenstein
Weißenburger Straße 98
76846 Hauenstein

Phone : (0049) 6392 9233340


Hauenstein youth campground Idyllic campsite in the Palatinate Forest Nature Park biosphere reserve The campsite is located in the climatic health resort of Hauenstein (approx. 4000 inhabitants) and extends over an area of ​​approx. 25,000 square meters of meadow area. It offers several groups the opportunity to camp at the same time, as it can be separated into different areas. (approx. 500 people) Large camps up to a maximum of 800 people are possible. It is only a few minutes' walk to the town center with its shops and the Hauenstein Wasgaufreibad. The youth campsite is used exclusively for youth care: -It should cultivate and promote the sense of community within a group. -Only youth groups under responsible leadership are allowed to use the space. Supply: Electricity (high voltage) and water connections are available on the campsite.

Sanitary building 1 women: 4 washbasins, 3 toilets

men: 4 washbasins, 3 toilets, 4 urinals,

there are additional washing facilities outside Sanitary building 2 sanitary buildings with a spacious sanitary and lounge with warm water for approx. 30 people. Small kitchen, lockers, and refrigerators or freezers for individual youth groups are available in limited numbers.

Ladies: 7 sinks, 6 showers, 8 toilets

Gentlemen: 6 wash basins, 8 showers, 5 toilets and 4 urinals Additional washing facilities are located outside, and there is a separate shower for the disabled with a toilet.

Outside there are 5 dish sinks and washbasins with hot water.

Use the Rhineland-Palatinate cycle: Arrive at the Hauenstein Mitte train station with VRN

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