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Tourist Information Dahner Felsenland

Tourist Information Dahner Felsenland
Schulstraße 29
66994 Dahn

Phone : (0049) 6391 9196222


The Jewish cemetery Busenberg was built in 1824 as an association cemetery of the 4 Jewish communities busenberg, Dahn, Erlenbach and Vorderweidenthal.  In the present day, the cemetery houses 286 tombs on an area of 25.8 acres.

The cemetery, which has been devastated several times, has been a cultural monument worthy of protection since 1985. T

he cemetery was repeatedly devastated both during the Nazi era and decades after the Second World War. The last funeral was in 1979. Since the end of the war, the cemetery has been the target of cemetery desecrations in the spring of 1978, November 1994 and May 1997, with a significant number of gravestones damaged, overturned or smeared with Nazi slogans.

The destruction in the cemetery was largely repaired by volunteer citizens from Busenberg.

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