Innere Medizin med. Huf, Oliver und Dr. med. Wagner, Björn-Dietrich

Bad Dürkheim

Innere Medizin

Innere Medizin
Mannheimer Straße 16
67098 Bad Dürkheim

Phone : (0049) 6322 67047



Questioning, physical examination and cardiological non-invasive diagnostics
- resting ECG
- exercise ECG
- Long-term ECG
- Echocardiography (heart ultrasound)
- stress echocardiography
- Carotis Doppler / colour-coded duplex
- Sono abdomen
- ABI measurement
- Thyroid sonography
- Pacemaker control and programming
- CRC system check
- defibrillator control and programming
- Event recorder check
- Sleep apnoea screening
- Blood pressure measurement
- Long-term blood pressure measurement
- Pulmonary function
- Laboratory services
- Individual counselling and therapy planning
- Preventive medicine

Consultation, prescription of medication and information about it, initiation of rehabilitation, preparation and follow-up of heart surgery

Prevention, screening, early detection

Examination, counselling,

Counselling on lifestyle changes
Risk factors: e.g. high pressure, overweight, lack of exercise, preventive check-ups, manager check-ups

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