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Finds of various bronze objects in 2014 and subsequent extensive archaeological excavations prove today that the mountain plateau of the Hohenberg was already inhabited in the late Bronze Age (about 1300-800 BC). With its terraced layout, the settlement forms a previously unknown type of fortified high-altitude settlement and is of supra-regional historical importance.

In 1879, a cone-shaped, 8-meter-high observation tower was built on the summit in dry construction without any use of mortar. In its kind, it is unique in the Palatinate. Already in the 70s, the tower had to be renovated due to structural defects. In 2008, the tower had to be closed after further collapses.

With funding from EU funds, the municipalities of Birkweiler and Annweiler-Queichhambach were able to tackle a new renovation in 2018. In 2019, the Hohenberg Tower was reopened on 1 May after its reconstruction in the course of the annual Hohenberg Festival, organised by the Birkweiler Fire Brigade. From the tower you can now enjoy a far-reaching view over the Rhine plain to the Odenwald, the Black Forest, the Vosges and over the Queichtal into the Palatinate Forest.

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