Hofladen Schreiber


Spargel- und Erdbeerhof Dirk Schreiber

Spargel- und Erdbeerhof Dirk Schreiber
Falterweg 66
67229 Gerolsheim

Phone : (+49) 6238/9896338


Cultivation and sale of asparagus, strawberries, currants, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, melons and pumpkins. Production and sale of redcurrant and strawberry secco from our own cultivation and delicious farm ice cream made from fresh whole milk and natural yoghurt with fruit topping in the farm shop. Also available in the farm shop: bread (daily), rolls & brioche (Sat + Sun), coffee beans, pasta, olive oils and preserves, fresh pot herbs, k spices, grains, couscous, bulgur, rice and honey

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