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Hammermühle GmbH

Hammermühle GmbH
Hauptstrasse 181
67489 Kirrweiler

Phone : (0049) 6321 95890


Since 1968 the hammer mill has stood for the artisan German baking of gluten-free specialities. Do you want to avoid fresh baked goods when eating gluten-free food? - Not with the Hammer Mill! We offer a large assortment of fresh gluten-free food directly from our traditional bakery. Pleasure and safety have always had top priority. That's why we work with trained bakers and nutritionists on new recipes every day and check our products in special laboratories to make sure they are gluten-free. Naturally, we pay particular attention to the quality of our raw materials - because gluten-free baking is an art. Just as an artist needs and carefully selects his colours, our bakers need ingredients of the highest quality. We have used all our experience to search for a long time for the best suppliers of good gluten-free raw materials - and found them. Over the years, suppliers have become partners who grow the best raw materials according to our requirements.

For example, we have been obtaining our rice flour from an Italian mill for decades - our corn flour even comes from fields in our immediate vicinity. Here we can watch the corn grow and determine the ideal harvest time with our suppliers.

The result of our strict controls and critical selection are the best raw materials, which form the best basis for our food.

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