Hörstudio Schäfer&Speckert

Bad Dürkheim

Hörstudio Schäfer&Speckert

Hörstudio Schäfer&Speckert
Mannheimer Straße 3
67098 Bad Dürkheim

Phone : (0049) 6322 9885468


The Schäfer & Speckert hearing studio is a young company with more than just one branch on the Weinstrasse. A competent and customer-oriented team is at your disposal.

You will find a wide range of services at the Römerplatz branch:

-free hearing test sound & speech audiometry in a relaxed atmosphere free & non-binding trial of the latest hearing systems from all leading manufacturers

-Hearing training accelerates the process of getting used to your new hearing system and can lead to improved stimulus processing

-readjustment & optimisation even if you have not purchased your hearing aids from us Repairs & service of all manufacturers in our workshop directly on site; if necessary, we provide high-quality hearing aids on loan.

-earmoulds (earpieces for hearing aids) for a good fit and optimum acoustic coupling to your hearing system

-Swimming and hearing protection as a standard or individual solution

-Wireless headphones for television & music

-Tinnitus counselling & care can alleviate annoying noises in the ears

-Appointments by appointment, also outside office hours

-Telephones for the hard of hearing (can also be used by other people)

-Individually adapted headphones (in-ear-monitoring) provide excellent sound enjoyment.

-Flashing & vibrating alarm clocks make it easier to hear the telephone or the doorbell

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