Historic town museum and archive

Landau in der Pfalz

Städtisches Museum und Stadtarchiv

Städtisches Museum und Stadtarchiv
Maximilianstraße 7
76829 Landau/Pfalz

Phone : (0049) 6341/134200


As early as the Middle Ages, there is evidence of a town archive in Landau, which mainly kept legally relevant records, usually documents, which, as the town's "chartered right", were often the only proof of independence and privileges. The town archive still fulfils this role securing rights and information today when it provides expert opinions to both administrations and citizens. However, the town archive is no longer just the memory of the administration and fully integrated into the municipal administration as such, instead it has become the central documentation point, which primarily manages all written material produced in the municipal administration and stores it until the statutory retention periods expire. The written material not only includes files, but also card indexes, files, image and sound carriers, posters and leaflets. As the archive endeavours to document the entire historical development of the town, it is also interested in documents from outside the town. For example, the town archive preserves the estates of Landau personalities and the documents of various associations and schools. Once these have been taken over, the traditional tasks of the archive can get under way: Receiving, ordering, recording, transmitting and mediating. The latter task in particular, which can also be referred to as a user service, is taking up more and more of the archiver's time. The spectrum ranges from the interested layman to the genealogist, the local researcher to domestic and foreign academics, from primary school to secondary school pupils (research papers) and university students (Master's theses and dissertations). The media are increasingly discovering the archive as a source for their articles. And the archive itself carries out important public relations work involving lectures, themed city tours, exhibitions and publications, making it a historical archive, an administrative archive and, ultimately, a service enterprise all at the same time. The town archive and museum are housed in one of the most prestigious town villas from the Wilhelminian period, the old post office building at Maximilianstraße 7.

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