Herxheim am Berg - Karsthöhle

Herxheim am Berg


67273 Herxheim am Berg


The entrance to the karst cave, however, was filled in in the 1960s to prevent adventurous children from making dangerous expeditions underground. It was only thanks to the unceasing efforts of the industrious local historian Eric Hass that the cave was excavated again in 1998 with the help of other historically interested citizens and subsequently also expertly explored. Not only Roman relics, but also a Neolithic bone arrow, which, however, had already been found in the cave before it was buried, and several flint artefacts in its surroundings make the cave interesting. According to radio-carbon analysis, the bony arrowhead is 4,000 years old, and the worked flint stones - according to Speyer archaeologist Dr Andrea Zeeb-Lanz - are probably as old as 20,000 years.

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