Folk museum of the Palatinate and House of the South-East Germans



The Heimatmuseum Böchingen was built by Theodor Walter from 1964-1971. Construction and exhibition were made possible by countless hours of work by volunteers and donations of money and goods.

The approx. 300m² exhibition area is dedicated to the "Donauschwaben". Danube Swabians are the Germans who emigrated from the end of the 17th to the second half of the 19th century and found their new home in the Pannonian Plain (southern Central Europe). Among the emigrants there were also numerous Palatines. The exhibits tell about the life and work of the Southeast Germans: From the beginnings of settlement and peaceful colonization in Batschka (parts of Serbia and Hungary) and Banat (parts of Romania, Serbia and Hungary) in the Pannonian Plain, to the emergence in this region, to the expulsion of the people during World War II.

The exhibition includes pieces on handicrafts, agriculture/viniculture, industrial production, traditional costumes, handicrafts and documents from the Pannonian region, but also from the Palatinate and Böchingen specifically.

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