Heidenbrunnen - Esthal / Weidenthal


Verbandsgemeinde Lambrecht

Verbandsgemeinde Lambrecht
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67466 Lambrecht

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The Heidenbrunnen is located to the west of the Heidenkopf and is a set spring with a trough and inscription. The well once served as a cattle watering place. Northwest above the well is an intersection of two old elevated roads. The users of these roads supplied themselves and their cattle at this well.

The name is probably due to the fact that the people associated the well with its former users, the unknown and legendary prehistoric inhabitants of the land, the so-called heathens. At the top of the path is the knight's stone number 142 "Heidenbrunnen 100 Schr."

(Source: Brunnenwandern in der Verbandsgemeinde Lambrecht u. Umgebung, by Wolfgang Jeblick and Wolfgang Mildner)

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