Horseback riding can be a pleasure for everyone! Regardless of age or level of ability, regardless of whether you prefer to ride for a walk, engage in endurance riding or töltre riding, or even participate in tournaments.

The highest goal of riding is complete harmony between rider and horse. It is rarely achieved even by the best riders, but every step in this direction is worthwhile and increases the pleasure of riding a horse.

So that you can enjoy riding and make rapid progress - here we are for you: the Icelandic horses and me, Claudia Schoch, IPZV-Trainer C, Centered Riding Instructor Level II, Dipl. Reittherapeutin SG-TR.

We like to take care of problem horses, riders with and without fears, we take horses in boarding, in short: we take care of the well-being of our 4- and 2-legged customers in almost all areas, maybe they even become 6-legged together.

By the way, it is never too late to learn to ride! And - once you have started riding, this sport usually won't let you go for the rest of your life....

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