LebensArt Hafeltehof GmbH

LebensArt Hafeltehof GmbH
Haftelhof 1
76889 Schweighofen

Phone : (0049) 6342 919918
Fax : (0049) 6968 4041


Historical facts about the Haftelhof

- around 1470: Monastery yard of the Augustinian monastery Stephansfeld near Strasbourg

- around 1570: Lordship zu Guttenberg acquires the Haftelhof

- around 1750: Mennonites take over the management of the Haftelhof

- around 1770: the then owner von Weber has the Haftelhof rebuilt, approximately in its present form

- around 1792: during the French Revolution the Haftelhof is confiscated, divided into the eastern and western parts and sold by forced sale

- around 1946: after about 200 years the Mennonites leave the Haftelhof

- 2006/2007: the eastern part of the Haftelhof (Haftelhof 1) is thoroughly renovated and is available for cultural events, conferences, celebrations and overnight stays

After its renovation in 2006 / 2007, the Haftelhof is used for various cultural events, conferences and celebrations:

1. workshop for hidden talents: Sculpture, painting and drawing courses, music workshops, literature, etc.

2. music at the Haftelhof: concerts

3. gallery at the Haftelhof: exhibitions

4. LebensART Haftelhof GmbH: conferences, celebrations, overnight stays for bicycle/hiking tours, excursions

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