Gutsausschank & Gästehaus Verena Zöller


Gutsausschank Verena Zöller

Gutsausschank Verena Zöller
Marktstraße 16a
67489 Kirrweiler

Phone : (0049) 6321 5500
Fax : (0049) 6321 58153


We give your holiday a home. Kirrweiler is an ideal place to enjoy the beautiful sides of the Palatinate. Experience the variety of the cuisine, the wines, the many sights and a picturesque landscape. Our guest rooms offer a lot of comfort and space for relaxation.


Our modern rooms offer a lot of comfort and space to relax - enjoy your holiday on the winery and experience the hospitality and sociability in Kirrweiler. Come to our events: The Kirrweiler wine festival in July, our wine press house festival in August and the big Kerwe in September. In our estate tavern in the inner courtyard you can relax and let exciting days come to an end.


Relax and enjoy - that's what you should do with us. In our newly designed estate bar you can enjoy our wines and small, fine meals. From the hearty Palatinate snack to tarte flambée and salads, there is something for every taste. We can also arrange parties and celebrations for you. We have room for up to 65 people - Verena will be happy to advise you on all aspects of your event.

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