Gipfelstürmerhütte und Gipfelstürmersitzgruppe


Tourist-Information Gräfensteiner Land

Tourist-Information Gräfensteiner Land
Am Rathaus 9
66976 Rodalben

Phone : (+49) 6331 234180
Fax : (+49) 6331 234105


Beautiful, unattended refuge on the Rodalber Felsenwanderweg on the Hilschberg above the Clauser Valley with various indoor and outdoor seating. Not far from her - in a southerly direction - there is another seating group with a wonderful view of the Clauser Valley. Both are wonderful places to rest, linger and relax. The closest rocks on the way are the Klaus, Pilz, Rappenkopf and Rappenteichfelsen.

The quickest way to get to the facilities is from the Hilschberg hiking car park, which is located directly on the L482 between Rodalben and Donsieders.

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