Geißbockmarsch nach Deidesheim

Lambrecht (Pfalz)

Stadt Lambrecht

Stadt Lambrecht
67466 Lambrecht (Pfalz)

Phone : +49632595410



If you undertake this historic "billy goat march" on your own, you can save yourself the associated small detours and follow the markings (billy goat head or blue/yellow bar) from Lambrecht (Pfalz) railway station to Deidesheim railway station almost all the way: In front of Lambrecht (Pfalz) station, take the stairs to the left, down to the B39. At the end of the stairs turn left and after the next house there is a slight climb to the underpass/railway line. There we go up the stairs to Sommerbergstraße (street above the railway line). There we keep to the right. Along the railway line we come to the Dörrental. We continue along the railway line to Lindenberg (Pfalz). We walk along the main road to the end. In the forest there is an ascent to the "Alte Schanz" pass, on the left parallel to the K6 at the "Forsthaus Silbertal" cross the valley floor of the Mußbach and in the next right side valley (Finsterkammer) climb increasingly steeply to the "Weisse Stich" (Schuthütte 472 m above sea level). To the left, zigzag down into the valley and along the Weinbach stream past the "Grimmeisenbrunnen" fountain to the Waldschänke tavern and on to the edge of the forest. Now on asphalt on a slight incline through the "Paradiesgarten" vineyard and Mühltalstraße (later Deichelgasse and Heumarkt) towards the pointed Deidesheim church tower. At the church, cross the Deutsche Weinstraße and the market square, turn right into Bahnhofstraße. Follow this until you reach Deidesheim railway station.

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