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Weisenheim am Sand

Weingut & Gästehaus Gehrig

Weingut & Gästehaus Gehrig
Ostring 4
67256 Weisenheim am Sand

Phone : (0049) 6353 8073
Fax : (0049) 6353 1730


The family winery with 14 ha of quality vineyards, stands for award-winning wines such as a white Merlot, Riesling 1 PS and various Sauvignon wines. Barrique red wines such as Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon and a newly opened guesthouse guarantee a high-quality overall package.

Balance is the most important thing.

How about a Riesling ONE PS then? This is indeed meant literally, because: "A horse is in our pay," says winemaker Rainer Gehrig, giving an insight into his philosophy. It was an extremely compacted vineyard when Gehrig took it over. After years of careful tending - and precisely the use of a patient little horse with careful hooves - the vineyard recovered...and now yields an expressive & balanced Riesling. "It's idyllic up there for the horse too!" Situated next to the forest, loess and limestone, weathered rock - this is how distinctive wines can thrive. Twice already, the Gehrig Winery has stood high on the podium with its "Le Sauvage" Sauvignon Blanc at the world's largest wine award AWC Vienna. In addition to 5 different Sauvignon Blanc wines & sparkling wines, a white Merlot is also part of the winery's repertoire. This Merlot Blanc de Noir also won in Vienna. The grapes are not even put on the press. Gehrig has installed a sieve in the mash fermenter and extracts the juice using the gentle saignée method. In addition, the delicately coloured wine matures "sur lie", i.e. on the fine lees, until it is bottled. Holiday in Weisenheim am Sand? Absolutely! It's just as well that the Gehrigs have opened a highly recommendable guesthouse.

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