Gabel - Weingut

Herxheim am Berg

Weingut Gabel

Weingut Gabel
Weinstraße 45
67273 Herxheim am Berg

Phone : (0049) 6353 7462


Our winery operates organic viticulture in Herxheim am Berg. The vinification of Burgundy grape varieties in combination with wooden barrel ageing plays an important role.

Our family has been producing wine in Herxheim am Berg since the 17th century. The wooden barrels in the vaulted cellar of the winery, some of which are a hundred years old, have been used for generations and bear witness to this. Today, Oliver Gabel manages the winery. For him, viticulture is above all an honest craft and a deep connection with the soil and the plants. Good for nature, good for our wines: For us, organic viticulture is a commitment to uncompromising quality and lived sustainability. Experience has shown us that sustainable soil management and living greenery not only preserve nature, but above all produce significantly better wines. Burgundies are our passion. Both red and white Burgundy varieties find their ideal location on our limestone soils.

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